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Laraine T. (Feb 2015) I was having problems with my neck and could not seem to alleviate the pain. My daughter was attending Dr Wood’s Clinic and suggested I try seeing Dr Wood. She had had a great deal of success with alleviating the pain she was suffering from a car accident. So I decided to see Dr Wood. After my first appointment I realised my posture was far from perfect and this was not helping my neck. I proceeded to see Dr Wood and Emma. My first session with Emma I found the muscles in my neck were full of knots.

I am now happy to say that not to be in pain is wonderful. I maintain that seeing Dr Wood and Emma once a month has been the best decision I have made with regards to my health and wellbeing.  If you are in doubt as to whether or not this is for you, then all I can say is to be without pain is more than worth it.

Keith T. (Feb 2015)  I was in a great deal of pain with my hip and shoulder. My wife and daughter suggested I see Dr Wood, as they both had been extremely happy with the results they had had.

On my first appointment it was quite clear I had a lot of problems, but Dr Wood was hopeful that he would be able to sort them out. I am happy to say he was successful and I now attend his maintenance clinic twice a month. I find I now have much more energy and am no longer in pain, therefore my quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds. I would have no hesitation in recommending Maple Leaf Clinic.

Nicola B (Oct 2013): “I’ve been attending Maple Leaf Chiropractor’s since May 2013 as an emergency appointment in which I was suffering chronic back pain and as a result having to take time off work. I’d never been to a chiropractor before, but in finding it’s my local clinic and in such pain I wanted to get it looked at straight away, I booked up with Maple Leaf. Through the great treatment from both Tim and Emma, they’ve helped get me through the stages of pain relief, correction and now awareness of best practice to help prevent further incidents. It’s still an on-going treatment, but my back has massively improved!
Maple Leaf is warm and welcoming, with all the team so friendly to help you feel comfortable. Working in central London it also has great opening hours for commuters to book sessions after work.”

Lea – “The clinic is extremely well run and the staff are friendly and professional. Tim has helped me to improve from a situation in which I was more often in pain than not (and miserable with it!), to a pain free life in which I can even play tennis , go tot the gym etc. As a result, I feel much happier and healthier!”

Mrs S – “I always feel very welcome here! And always a very helpful staff. They are professional, caring, kind and very positive. You can’t get better care anywhere else!”

Sandra – “I feel well looked after and I am progressing towards being pain free. Dr. Wood is professional, friendly and extremely helpful with his explanations. The receptionist is second to none!!”

Ceri – “I came to Maple Leaf Chiropractic Clinic following nearly 6 months of Physiotherapy which, although helping to improve my symptoms to a certain extent, seemed unable to get to the root cause of my back pain. I admit to having been a little apprehensive about Chiropractic treatments on my initial visit to the clinic having heard rumours that they could be uncomfortable and even painful; neither of which I found to be true during my own corrections. I was given a thorough examination, diagnosis and corrective treatment plan, all of which were explained really clearly by Dr. Wood who approached each session with an infectious enthusiasm that made me feel really positive towards the treatments. I believe that having faith in your practitioner is a big part of healing and Dr. Wood has a natural ability to encourage patients to feel better both psychologically and physically, I would highly recommend him.

Coming to the clinic each week has also been a pleasure, there is always a welcoming reception from Tamara the receptionist who is a real blast!”

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  1. Our family has been using Dr. Wood and the Clinic’s various services over the past year and half, and are extremely satisfied with all the help provided. They truly care about each one of us and our overall well-being and are there to help us when we need it the most. We highly recommend Maple Leaf as a one-stop clinic for all your health needs!

  2. I have been attending the clinic since December 2013 due to back and neck problems which had existed for years. I was dubious at first that my problems could be helped (due to my age) but my son recommended that I try the clinic as he had been attending and noted improvement. I am very pleased that I took his advice as I have now far more range of movement in my back and neck than I had before and less pain. Dr. Tim Wood is very professional and friendly, as are all the staff, and I have no hesitation in recommending this practice based upon my own experiences.

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