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Emma Manaton – Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Emma Manaton

Emma Manaton


Emma is Sport Rehabilitation Therapist and biomechanics specialist with full membership to BASRaT. She specialises in returning people to functional activity after injury. She plays an important role in our Integrated Wellness Care approach, working closely with Dr Wood to make sure that each client not only gets well, but stays well.

Emma came to us from a busy London physiotherapy clinic and has worked with a range of clients from professional athletes, to patients suffering with neurological disorders through to children with movement difficulties.

Emma’s specialty area is: movement, gait and running analysis. She believes that poor movement, imbalance and weakness in the body’s biomechanics are the root cause of most injuries. Assessing and making changes to the way the body moves, not only helps and guide injury healing but also prevents it from re-occurring.

The Techniques she uses include:

  • Deep Tissue and Sports Massage
  • Soft tissue techniques and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Postural and movement analysis and correction
  • Taping
  • Gait and Running analysis
  • Rehabilitation strength programs (including stability and core strengthening)

Emma loves helping people and understands the importance keeping the body functioning properly. She is a keen runner, training for (and racing!) up to marathon distance.