New Client – 3 Steps

We have a 3 Step process for all our New Clients.

  1. The first step is the Induction Talk. This helps people find out, if this is the place for them and if our approach is right for them. We run these talks twice at week (Monday evening and Wednesday lunchtime)

Watch this short (40 sec) animated video about theĀ Induction Talk.


2. The second step, the Initial Consultation, is where we get to hear all about your particular health challenges and goals. Then we do a range of tests like looking at your static view with Digital Posture Analysis, your abililty to move, as well as appropriate examinations to find out where the problem is coming from and what other areas might be involved.

We also have on-site Digital X-Ray, so we can literally “see inside” in a matter of minutes to get a much more detailed picture, should we need it.

Digital X-Ray Image of Neck

Digital X-Ray Image of Neck

3. The third step is theĀ Report of Findings. This outlines what is going on, what can be done to help you. We also provide you with options for care, based around your individual goals. As most people want to get started ASAP, we leave time at this visit to start care. However, some people want to reflect on all the information, so there is no pressure to start care immediately.