1st Newsletter for 2019

Friends & Family February

Chiropractic has so much to offer: from increased energy, improved sleep, better posture, improved focus and concentration.
Why not share these be benefits with your loved ones.
We are a family practice and LOVE to see our families thrive.

Friends & Family February is about giving the people you love, a chance to experience all the benefits you’ve received from chiropractic.

We came up with this offer to help make our community a healthier more connected place.

  • Kids under 16 get a FREE Spinal Health Check
  • Adults, Full Consultation with X-rays (if needed) for £49 (normally £185)
  • 25% OFF  £30 minute MASSAGE with the amazing Rachael

Looking ahead to March

Look out for our

New Name and Logo
Redesigned and redecorated interior
New Chiropractic Benches

   Edna’s Story   

Edna is a lovely positive lady in her 70s. She she came to us after a friend, concerned for her health, suggested she take us up on the Special Offer we had given to their Church members.

I asked her if we could share her story, as she so perfectly highlighted some of the most important things for all of us on a healing journey.

She had been suffering long term neck pain that could go up into her head and over her eye. She also said her hip and knee on the one side felt weak. We did a detailed examination including X-rays of her neck and low back. These showed a fair bit of “wear and tear” but I was still confident we could help her.
She followed our recommendations and came in twice a week for 6 weeks.

At her Progress Check she was thrilled as she not only felt TALLER but she was now able to walk up stairs, without having to pull herself up using the handrail. Her neck however was only very slightly improved but she trusted that it was just a matter a time before this also improved. She was right, just a few visits later and her neck had improved enough for her to receive the adjustment that made the functional change she had been waiting for.

What we can all learn from Edna’s story:

  • Someone cared enough to prompt her to seek help.
  • She was positive and engaged in the process, looking forward to her visits.
  • She kept to the recommended schedule of her Care Plan.
  • She was patient. She knew Nature takes time to heal.
  • She showed us that Chiropractic is for ALL ages and that wear & tear / arthritis doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from chiropractic.

You can hear all about her recovery in her own words 

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