x-ray posture

Your sitting posture?

Most of us are slumped over desks squinting at screens and tablets.

Our kids are hunched over their mobile phones and iPods. These constant daily stresses create tissue damage, adaptive changes in our spines and have a negative impact on our health.


This rounded shoulder look with its Forward Head Position is not just unattractive but has also been associated with:

  • Low Health Status
  • can reduce your lung capacity by 30%
  • may lead to early arthritis.

We use exciting new technology to assess for postural problems and give you an idea of where your imbalances are. We then provide you with pictures and a detailed report of your scan.  Here is a picture of one of our clients before and after care at Maple Leaf. See how much closer he is to the green line. We were able to reduce the strain on his neck by 20lbs. See more examples

"Before & After" a Course of Care

Before & After Care

In addition to the clinical work that he and Rachael Kelly do in the clinic, Dr Wood has designed two programs “Posture-Up“© and “Posture Fit“© that we take to local schools and businesses. These are designed with different levels to match the goals and budget of each organization. Call us to find out more

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