Funky Fridays – Giving Back

Funky Friday is a giving day.

The person who wears the brightest, funkiest shirt/dress gets to choose which charity we donate to

Our community gets involved

Can you beat this shirt?

UBUNTU —  “There is a word in South Africa – Ubuntu – the recognition that we are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us”

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Sweet Treats

Autumn Update – Connected Community

 November 2017 Newsletter

Autumn is a wonderful time for me; reflecting on the abundance of summer, getting ready for the lights, crisp morning walks and the depth of colours, all really make me feel alive.

Wellness Club
I’m very happy to tell you that our Wellness Club makes up about 60% of the visits to Maple Leaf now. Almost 70% of these are families or couples. This tells me we are “on track” with our message of pro-active care and the benefits of ongoing chiropractic. I’m super proud that we can offer the most affordable family care in the country! This couldn’t happen without YOU. So, a big THANK YOU for your ongoing support and helping us grow a healthier and more connected community.

One of the challenges we are facing as the Wellness Club grows, is that we are finding it increasingly difficult to monitor visits. As part of our contract with you, we’ve stipulated that unused visits will not roll over to the following month. We have on occasions been lenient on this but please note, that as of this month. We will be enforcing this, so please make sure you take all your allocated visits otherwise you’ll lose them.  
What we have found works really well, is booking your visits up for the year ahead. This way it becomes a standing feature in your diary and you are less likely to forget. Either bring your diary in with you next visit or better yet, call Selma or Mica and book ahead over the phone.

In the spirit of giving and with our community work at Feltham Young Offenders Institute at an impasse, we are looking to support a local charity that helps vulnerable families . This can be financially and/or professionally. If you are involved with or know of any groups that work locally, please call me.

At the start of this school year we ran our “Back to School” campaign, offering Free Posture Screens to all local kids. We saw dozens of kids from ages 4 – 16 and gave away hundreds £££ in assessments and advice. Continuing with our outreach to local schools I gave a 40 min Talk on Posture and Spinal Health to the Halliford School 6 Formers, in October. I’m still shocked every week in practice at the state of our children’s spines and I’m very concerned for the impact that this WILL have on their health in later lives. Not just in terms of spinal pain and trapped nerve syndromes but the global impact on health and accelerated aging. This will come at a massive personal and economic cost. If you haven’t brought your children or grandchildren in yet, please do. The earlier we get them checked the better.

We all take our kids to the dentist regularly to get checked and sometimes drilled, filled and braced … and you can replace teeth … there’s no replacing vertebra and these bones protect the most vital part of our body, the Nervous System!

I took a similar message to the office workers at Walgreens Boots Alliance in Brooklands last week, where we ran 3 workshops educating the employees and helping them move from awareness to action. We look forward to welcoming them to Maple Leaf over the next few weeks.  With this in mind, if you’d like me to come and chat to your office, club or group – no matter how big or small, I can do a range of Talks or Workshops from as short as 10 min in a lunch break, up to a 60 minute main presentation.

Looking ahead: In early 2018 we will be holding an in-house event for all our clients. So watch out for the info in January.

Thanks for making Maple Leaf such a great place to be.




You have the greatest chance of finishing a marathon by getting to the start line Injury Free.

To help you recover and stop those little niggles becoming injuries, we have a Special Offer:

Come in to see Rachael, our Sports Rehabilitation Therapist, she is a Marathon runner herself and has a wealth of practical and clinical experience and will help ease those sore legs after your long runs.

"Aah that feels so good"

“Aah that feels so good”

Our Special Offer:

  • 5 x 30 minute Sports Massages
  • 1 hour post race recovery massage
  • for just £225 (normally £260).

Not doing the Marathon but know someone who is? Why not buy them this package and show them they have your support and admiration?

Call 01932 820 400 to book your visits

and make recovery part of your training

offer valid till 8 May 2016

Chiropractic is safe for elderly

A 2014 study in the prestigious journal Spine found that seniors (66 and over)  that received chiropractic care had a 76% lower rate of injury within seven days of treatment when compared to the subjects that went to their GP, for a neuromusculoskeletal complaint. That’s a big difference!

Chiropractic is safe for all ages

Chiropractic is safe for all ages

Did you know? The risks of adverse reaction to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs increases in the elderly. Advise you parents and grandparents that chiropractic is safe for them and doesn’t have the risks of serious side effects like drugs do.

Chiropractic – Safe, Gentle, Effective for All Ages