Data Protection Policy

Under the Data Protection Act (1998), we are required to advise our patients on
our Data Protection Policy.
As part of the patient record, we are required to retain information for the
purpose of consultation for care, recording subsequent visits and for use by third party practitioners only, at the request of the patient, in writing.
Upon completion of the Client Details Form which includes Data Protection Agreement and Consent to Examination, all files, images and information therein may be stored electronically on computer, and/or in the cloud, for as long as the patient remains a patient of the clinic; and thereafter for a period of 8 years. Any paper records will be retained for the same period.
All information provided will be treated as confidential and will not be given to
any other person(s)/ organisation(s) without the written consent of the patient
Information will be held both manually and electronically in files accessible only
by staff of the clinic who are directly involved in the data entry and processing of
patient records.

By clicking the appropriate box on the Client Details Form, you are acknowledging that you

  1. have read this Data Protection Policy and
  2. give consent to the practitioner / chiropractor to maintain records for the purpose outlined within the policy.