Terms and Conditions of Wellness Club Membership


The purpose of the Wellness Club is to provide those seeking regular care with a regular, affordable payment option. This is best suited to people wanting supportive, proactive, wellness and non-therapeutic care for themselves and their families.


The Club concept allows us to offer different levels of membership and access for a monthly subscription.

Membership requirements

Membership is only open to:

  • Current clients that have completed a course of care at Chiro Life and are deemed appropriate candidates by the chiropractor.

  • New clients who have been under regular care and are transferring from another chiropractor, will be dealt with on a “case by case” basis.

Membership Types, benefits and monthly fees

  • Chiro 2 – 2 visits per month – £84.44

  • Chiro 4 – 4 visits per month can be shared by couple or family – £140.74

  • Chiro Plus – unlimited chiropractic visits for the family – £211.09

If Club members want or require additional visits, outside of their plan, these are discounted by 10% of the standard visit fee of £56 (ie £50.40).

Conditions of membership


  • For us to offer these much reduced rates, we need to have commitment from the member for a minimum of one year. Signing this is an agreement to commit to monthly payments for a minimum of 12 months.

  • After the 12 months, the contract will be on a rolling 2 months basis.

Payment of fees

  • Monthly Direct Debits are set up by the client using an online service (currently GoCardless) based on their level of membership.

  • This financial agreement is with the limited company (Chiro Life Ltd).

  • Fees are subject to review and will not be increased more than 10% per annum (Jan-Dec). You will be notified of any changes to fees 2 months in advance, via email or post.

Changes in membership type

  • Members may change levels within the Club but need to give two months notice, before this takes effect.


  • The contract will only be terminated, 2 months after written notice has been given by either the member or Chiro Life Ltd.

  • The earliest this can be done is after 10 months, allowing for the years commitment to be honoured.

  • Once within the 2 month rolling period, the 2 month notice period still applies.


Visits are not transferable to others.

Visits not used in a month, cannot be transferred to future months and are non-refundable.

(Please note, while we endeavour to support people making their visits by sending reminders, it is each members responsibility to schedule and attend their visits.)

Chiro 4 and Chiro Plus memberships:

  • Are for partners and families living under one roof, this extends to children who are students, living away from home.

  • All individuals registered on these memberships must have an Initial Consultation before any care is given.

  • Are not for acute or symptomatic care and thus any adult needing a course of care, will first have to go through this, before being registered under the main members name. This does not apply to children.

Visits on specific days or times cannot be guaranteed, nor can visits with a specific practitioner type or person, be guaranteed.

The Chiro Life Wellness Club is a central part of our commitment to provide affordable, ongoing and proactive care to our community. It is something I am extremely proud of and believe this is the most affordable chiropractic care in the country.

Dr Timothy Wood – Chiropractor