Neck Pain Can Get Better, Even If It’s Been There Forever

Make 2019 your last year with neck pain

In fact, after as little as 5-6 weeks of care, 85% of our clients feel improvements.

Our focus is on what is causing the pain in the neck and what can be done to create relief.

Because if we don’t find the cause of the problem it can never get better.

That’s why we use diagnostic technology and techniques that are unique in Weybridge.

Our technology focuses on the alignment and structure of the body. We can then look at how these affect your function and symptoms. This is the reason we find problems that could have been missed in the past.

If we find a problem that we can help with then we will want to get started right away.

AND we want to make this comfortable, easy and affordable.

Comfortable means that before you pay any money you feel you are in the right place. So, our first step is an Introduction Talk that takes 30 minutes to explain our approach and what you can expect.

Affordable means a full Consultation, full Diagnostic suite and confidential Report on the cause of the neck pain for just £49!

Easy means we will take care of our visitors. A range of times for Talk & Initial consultation. If we find that we are not the best place to help, we will help you to find the best place to get the care that you need.

Please book soon because spaces are limited.

Book by clicking on the link below and leave us your details. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can (please be patient as we get a lot of enquiries).


After the Introduction Talk we will conduct a full examination including detailed Digitised Photographic Posture Assessment, Diagnostic Tests and Digital X-rays (if necessary) to find out what is causing your issue.

We will simply and honestly discuss what’s happening and what is causing a persons neck pain. We’ll also discuss the options available and advise on the best course of action going forwards.

Click on the this END NECK PAIN and we’ll take care of the rest.

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