What to expect

The 3 Steps for all our New Clients

  1. The first step is the Induction Talk. This helps people find out, if this is the place for them and if our approach is right for them. We do these 30 minute talks, twice a week (Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon).

“When I did attend the introductory talk, it was with a mindset that they were trying to “upsell me”. I was wrong and happy to say the talk is relevant to anyone who wants to understand what is being done to them and what they can do themselves.” Google Review

2. The second step is the Initial Consultation.  You’ll be emailed a link to an online form where you can fill in all the details about your particular health challenges and goals. Dr Wood will then review these at your visit and then do a range of tests:

Get a detailed view of your alignment with Digital Posture Analysis;

Assess how you move and bend;

See how well you balance;

Do other physical tests to feel and isolate, not only where the pain is coming from, but what other areas might be involved.

Digital X-Ray Image of Neck

Digital X-Ray Image of Neck

We also have on-site Digital X-Ray, so we can literally “see inside” in a matter of minutes to get a much more detailed picture, should we need it. (additional fees apply)

3. The third step is the Report of Findings. This outlines what is going on and what can be done to help you reach your goals. As most people want to get started ASAP, we leave time at this visit to start care. However, some people want to reflect on all the information, so there is no pressure to start care immediately. (Please note, should you choose to start care, a regular visit fee will apply.)