Rehab Exercises

These videos are demonstrated and explained by our Rehabilitation Therapist, Emma Manaton.She would have demonstrated each of your specific exercises to you, at your visit. These are meant to remind you and reinforce correct form and are not intended to be self selected or “I think I’ll try this one today” exercises.

Please only do the exercises prescribed to you as part of your individualised Care Plan. It is also important that you only do the number of repetitions and sets of each exercise, as prescribed at your visit with us. Doing an advanced exercise or too many repetitions could result in exacerbation of your symptoms or other injury.

Floor Exercises

These are best done on a mat, or place a towel on carpeted surface where you’ll have enough space to move freely.

Standing Exercises

Do these barefoot, unless you have been advised to use your prescription orthotic devices or activity specific footwear.

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