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Hellish High Heels

Real Heals

If we were designed to wear heels our feet would look like this.

Many women love high heels, some men too, or at least looking at women wearing them. We know they make the wearer’s leg look slimmer and longer? But, from a health perspective, they are a disaster.

  1. They mash the toes, bending them upward and pushing them inwards. This causes painful and unsightly bone and joint changes like bunions, hammer & claw toes (ironic, considering women wear them to look good).
  2. They create excessive forces through the foot, ankle and knee causing early arthritis (degenerative joint disease).
  3. They increase the chance of ankle sprains and fractures.
  4. They changes posture contributing to spinal pain.

My advice is avoid all high heels, don’t kid yourself they are causing damage. If you must wear them, then go as low as possible. A 1 inch heel increases the load on your forefoot by more than 22%; 2 inch heel by +57% and 3 inch heel by +76%.

In the end the questions is: How much are you willing to damage your health, just to look taller?