Our Approach

Integrated Wellness for the Whole Family
Our team of practitioners aim to help you:
  • out of pain,
  • improve your function
  • and move you toward optimal performance, vitality and true wellness.
Most people come to us to help them get out of pain
and most often we can help them.
But we also know that aches and pains are the body’s warning signals. A way of saying,
“Hey, something is wrong!”
  • Just like the warning light on the dashboard of dashboard-lightsyour car, sure you can get it “turned off” with pain medication but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem that caused “the light to go on.”
  • We’re not just symptom based, we try to find out the root cause of the problem and not just manage the symptoms.
  • Ignoring your body’s warning signals can lead to serious health problems.
  • Our aim is to restore and stimulate your body’s own healing power and potential by removing interference to your build-in healing system.

“Healing is a Process not an Event”

  • By attending to your whole system: the physical, mental, emotional & chemical aspects we aim to positively influence your physiology and function.
  • ¬†Interferences to your healing can come from different mechanisms. They could be¬† mechanical like a joint not moving properly, neurological when a nerve is being irritated or chemical where a pro-inflammatory diet is hampering your recovery. By removing these interference or changing the environment¬† we aim to promote your own “built in” healing ability.