Chiropractic Assistants


Selma & Tim at Posture Screening event

Selma and Tim at Posture Screening event

Selma is outgoing by nature, her enthusiasm and dynamic personality bring a lot of energy to Maple Leaf. She is at Reception on Monday to Friday (09h00-15h00) to greet you with a smile and help you manage your bookings and schedule with us. With a background in marketing and a self confessed perfectionist, Selma loves to have a chat and make sure that your journey with us, is a smooth one.




Cathy is always up for a laugh and brings her best to Funky Friday

Cathy first came to us as a client, referred by friend. After experiencing the life changing benefits of chiropractic, she offered to help us out when we were short staffed. It didn’t take long for her to establish herself as a key member of our team. Her personal insight to the client experience, means she really knows how to support people on their health journey. Cathy usually covers the busy afternoon-evening shifts.