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Irfan – “A lower back injury sustained in the gym, brought me to Maple Leaf Chiropractic.  Dr Wood and his team are very professional. I like the friendly ambience of Maple Leaf and the passion the team have towards the improvements to my quality of life.”

Robb – “I came to Dr Wood with an emergency back problem. He took the time I needed to understand my situation – and paid attention until my back was better. Dr Wood now provides regular care to me and my 2 sons. He is attentive and professional. He brings energy and enthusiasm to his practice. He is gentle and thorough.”

Mrs Lewis – “I have suffered constant hip pain; backache & numbness in my legs for the past 20 years. Surgeons couldn’t do anything for me and the relief I experienced from visiting various chiropractors only helped for limited periods. The constant pain affected my home, work & social life, limiting most activities. After 6 months of Tim treating the Root Cause I can sit for long periods of time, I have returned to my regular sport & my entire life has turned around for the positive.

I do not experience the constant nagging pain and i am able to approach life with a smile. This has all made a huge difference to my lifestyle and I am sure my husband will be the first to admit I am much more of a pleasure to live with.

My visits to the Maple Clinic & Tim Wood’s treatments have changed my life around and I can now lead my life like a normal person – PAIN FREE.”

Alistair – “Regular check-ups keep everything in alignment, and, touch wood, no knee or back problems since (over 2 years).”

Joanna – “I had lots of sports related injuries before I started getting treatment from Tim. The help I got from him not only in terms of treatment, but then it helped with rehabilitation. My ongoing treatments assist with prevention of future problems. The treatment is holistic and I learned how to look after myself through stretching, strengthening, and nutrition. I also learn about new developments and research which is great. In a word, brilliant! (and I didn’t get paid to say that!)”

Mrs Andrews – “I have been a patient for nearly 5 years. I originally came for back pain, which was cleared up with a series of appointments. I was surprised at how accurately Dr. Wood diagnosed the treatment I needed and how quickly I started to feel relief. I am still a patient today to prevent future problems. I call it my monthly rendevous with Dr. Wood! I think if more people understood chiropractic care, that EVERYONE would become a patient. This care is non- invasive, and does not use medication to treat pain. Dr. Wood assists your body in healing itself.”

Alec – “I have been coming to see Dr. Wood for 4 years. I am 13 years old and play a lot of sport. I am always taking kicks and bumps and tackles. Plus with my growing something is always out of sorts. The thing I like about Dr. Wood is that now I know myself if something is not right with my body now. I know what it feels like to be well. So when something is wrong I know it right away. Tim makes a couple of quick adjustments and I feel great again. He also tells me how to deal with my sports injuries. I see him every month. I haven’t been to my GP in 3 years.”

Jo – “I have seen many practitioners for my back and neck problems and I particularly like Dr. Wood’s holistic approach to healing. The occasional treatment isn’t enough, you need to address the emotional, physical and other health elements of life if you want to be healthy and out of pain. Dr. Wood inspired me to start yoga and have more patience with the healing process (and a few tennis tips too!)”

Tony – “Dr. Wood always knows how to correct my various postural problems. I know that all it takes is a quick session to get me back on the road each time. Dr. Wood is always courteous and friendly.”